Customer Service

Customer Service



“Why should I care about customer service?” Is a question that every barista needs to have an answer for. Customer Service is the wrapping on the Christmas present, it isn’t the substance of the gift itself, but it frames the entire gift-giving experience. Can you imagine a Christmas Tree with dirty or tattered trash bags lying around it? That would be a memorable experience, no? Here is a question for you: “Take away the logos, what is the biggest point of difference for a café from their competitors” Answer: the people. Some cafes will spend weeks on espresso training while TOTALLY ignoring customer service training, how is this possible? What you will learn/gain from the class: you will see the outline of a basic framework to setting each day so you can deliver the best customer service possible. You will learn tools to deal with customers who have personalities that don’t mesh well with your own. And you will benefit from a Q&A time with others who are excited to learn more about better customer service.


  1. Setting it All Up
  2. The Cost: return on investment of training
  3. Hiring: can you train these soft skills
  4. Lead by Example: how much is taught and how much is caught
  5. Barista Tools/Preparation
  6. Prepare: sleep, dress, eat, caffeinate
  7. Co-Workers: customer service starts on bar
  8. Tough Customers: what do they really want
  9. Tips on Tips: little tricks for a little extra